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On January 2, 1942, Mr. Alberto Hazan Cohen founded the confection, initially located in his house in the neighborhood of Mooca, and then moved to the vicinity of 25 de Março Street from where he left only in the year 2000, to the new headquarters in the district of Barra Funda

The main products have always been ties, especially silk, with Italian raw material, from the best suppliers in Italy.

Wide installations allow diversification of the line in numerous prints and drawings.

In addition to our own brands, Ginno Paolli and Via Flaminia, we have developed a "Private Label" work for several brands in the national market

The Company is now run by brothers Victor and Rubens, the second generation of the Cohen family, continuing the tradition of more than 60 years.

The sales are carried out by representatives all over Brazil, and the products are presented in the main textile and fashion fairs in Brazil.

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