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Villa Prando Vinícola
Alameda Mata Atlântica 1224 - Itajaí/SC
(47) 9990.3554       (47) 99903.5542


Code: 2410

Foods & Beverage

This wine is a result of knowledge, art and dedication of the Prando family, within a concept of traceability, rigorous selection of the vineyards located in the Serra Catarinense and Gaúcha is allusive to the friendship and commitment among a group of art lovers to elaborate fine wines. Sailboats represent the union, experience, tranquility and prosperity of the friendship. The anchor represents the certainty that Villa Prando and his confreres are not drifting. And consequently it translates firmness, confidence and hope.

Graciatto is made with carefully selected Cabernet Sauvignon / Tannat grapes and matured in French and American oak barrels. It has intense, vivid color. The aroma is rich, reminiscent of ripe fruits, raisins, earth and spices. The taste is balanced, soft and persistent. Due to its great structure and power, this wine harmonizes with exquisite dishes with intense flavor, such as lamb, partridge, wild boar, pork, beef and cold cuts.

Ideal temperature 18 ° C - 20 ° C


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Villa Prando Vinícola

(47) 9990.3554       (47) 99903.5542
Alameda Mata Atlântica 1224