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Versatile as fashion can be.

ZANNT was created and developed by the stylist and businesswoman Fernanda Zanuto in 2014. The brand was born to give shape to an old desire of the designer: versatile pieces that can be used in different situations. Fernanda started her career at Zannt with swimwear, and after a few years, included lingerie and clothes in the product mix.

Before founding Zannt, Fernanda managed clothing and created collections for several luxury brands in the country. All her expertise from years of experience in the luxury market was applied at Zannt. As a result we have a brand with high product quality, design and own manufacture.

Zannt dresses real women who value being well dressed with little. The style of the brand is urban, contemporary and versatile. The collections are designed so that the product is not dated in a short time. Fashion trends are applied in a subtle way, available in a product that remains current for years. 

We always use polyamide-based fabrics for beachwear, as well as being durable, they are soft to the touch. The prints are exclusive and digital, to increase durability and make the product exclusive.

In 2020, Zannt was the only Brazilian beachwear brand chosen to participate in the first English luxury e-commerce by new designers, Not Just a Label. The pieces were validated by a jury and, thus, we started our international expansion.

Models and designs non-season to conquer your space.

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