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Reina Agronegócios Ltda

Rio das Farinhas km10 - Santa Leopoldina/ES

Our Company

Caros amigos ..

Reina Agronegócios emerges as one of the most reputable companies in the Ginger market.

Our gingers are produced in 2 units, São Paulo and Espírito Santo.

In addition to "In Natura" Ginger, we also supply dry and powdered ginger, with the highest degree of purity.

Don't take any risks, hit the partnership, hit the Reina!

In 2021 we reached 56 containers exported and in 2022 our goal is to reach 80 containers....come and be part of this success..with quality and commitment

Certificatiions..... Globalgap..FDA...SMETA.



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Commercial Exporter

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