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Art Brazil

Rod. JK BR 459 Km 103 Pouso Alegre MG - Pouso Alegre/MG

Our Company

Who we are

ART BRASIL is a trading company that, in partnership with producers and industry, buys different types of Brazilian products to export at the best price and quality. 

We have a structure to serve from the smallest buyer to large distributors and industries worldwide.

What we do

We export various types of grains in direct partnership with producers and industrialized products in partnership with large and medium industries,

now also in partnership with Briquets, which benefited the wood or raw aluminum frames industries. (doors and windows).

How we work

We export through maritime and airline companies, we serve small businesses very quickly, frozen or not (Açaí, fish, cheese bread, dairy products and others).


Economic Activities

Foods & Beverage

Marble and Granite

Wood & Chipboard

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