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Mooibe is more than a steel furniture brand with an exclusive and youthful design. It is a manifestation of the belief that we are shaped by the heat in our lives. Mooibe was born in 2019 as an expansion of the owners' fine sawmill business, but it was in 2020, during the pandemic, that the designs of some pieces began to be put into practice. In 2021, they lost the matriarch, who was a beautiful and inspiring being for him and for those close to him. It was then that they chose the name Mooibe, a tribute to their mother and her belief that it is warmth that shapes us, in this case human warmth. Mooi, which means beautiful in Dutch, and be, which means to be in English. Mooibe is, therefore, more than a furniture brand, it is an expression of beauty, inspiration and transformation.

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