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Rod quarto anel viario 1333 - Maracanaú/CE

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CERBRAS began in the ceramic tile market in the 1990s, under the command of the members of the Mota family, great pioneers of the segment in the state of Ceará. Throughout its history, the brand has undergone some adaptations.

The brand underwent an update and adopted CERBRAS as its new nomenclature and a new design, as a way of adapting to the demands and demands of the ceramic market. The purpose of the update was also to strengthen the positioning and practices of social and environmental responsibility.

The CERBRAS plant is located in Maracanaú - CE. Throughout the development of the company, the evolution of its productive capacity has been exponential.

The Industrial Park covers 86,137.67m² of constructed area and operates with an installed capacity of 38,400,000m² / year of ceramic tiles. CERBRAS markets its products through its sales force throughout the North and Northeast of Brazil. And abroad, in 31 countries, employing more than 600 employees.

CERBRAS looks with persistence at the highest quality. For this, it uses technology and works with seriousness, credibility, fidelity and the indispensable human participation in all these processes.

Today with total production of about 3 million m2 including new line of Porcelanatos with Ultimate generation technology, Nanotechnology, HD, Protective against water stain and mordant designs and international trend agreement.

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