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Eng Paul Werner, 925 - Blumenau/SC

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From a small foundry household to a firm certifications and global relationships.

Altona continues with traditional principles and human values, not giving up respect and ethics. Innovating and investing in people, knowledge and technology, it is now recognized as one of the world's best companies in the industry of casting and machining processes for their quality and respect for employees - won the ISO 9001:2008 and other certificates.

Working in cores repetitive pieces or custom, takes 93 years ago committed to transforming the steel in applications that contribute to development.

Altona participates in projects of different industries in more than 30 countries across the Automotive, Machinery and Equipment and Construction, Heavy Transport, Power Generation (Hydraulic, Thermal and Nuclear), Offshore, Petrochem


Economic Activities

Metal Industry


Plastics & Artifacts

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